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Our promise to you

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Highest quality care

To provide your pet the highest quality care with dedication to compassion and communication.

Become a part of your team

Who is “the team?”  The team is you, your family veterinarian, and me. We’ll all work together to ensure that optimal care is provided every step of the way.

Love & care

Your pet will be treated with the same love and care as our own family members.

Dr Nishimura Care

Dr. Satoko Nishimura

Certified Vet Cardiologist

Dr. Satoko Nishimura is the only Board-Certified Veterinary Cardiologist on the island of Oahu.

Dr. Nishimura was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. After graduating from high school, she moved to Canada and earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Atlantic Veterinary College. She pursued further training in small animal medicine with a surgical rotating internship at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Toronto.

She then completed her three-year residency program in veterinary cardiology at University of California, Davis, where she was awarded the Best Resident Award by the UC Davis students in 2016 and 2017.  

Prior to founding Hawaii Veterinary Cardiac Care, Dr. Nishimura practiced as a veterinary cardiologist in a specialty veterinary hospital in Honolulu, as well as working as a locum cardiologist for the University of Guelph and the University of California, Davis.

Dr. Nishimura is also a De Facto member of Asian College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (AiCVIM) and presents numerous continuing education lectures in Japan.

In her free time, she enjoys going out to parks with her family, traveling, and gardening. 

She and her husband are proud parents of one boy, three cats and four chickens, and they also enjoy watching many birds, lizards and insects in their backyard.  

Where will my pet be treated?

In the comfort of your family veterinarian’s office and with the cooperation of your trusted veterinarian, Dr. Nishimura will perform a complete cardiac examination of your pet.

Dr. Nishimura will perform an echocardiogram, which will allow a detailed evaluation of the anatomy and function of your pet’s heart. A systemic blood pressure and diagnostic ECG (6 lead digital) will be obtained with each consultation. Appropriate diagnostics or therapy can then be advised for your pet based on specific needs or concerns.

There are no "surprise" fees associated with your consultation

We believe the best care is the right care, every step of the way.

It may be more convenient to schedule a ‘drop-off’ appointment with your family veterinarian for the evaluation.

You can have confidence that all of the diagnostic tests and recommendations, as well as therapeutic and monitoring plans have been discussed thoroughly with your family veterinarian.

At the conclusion of the consultation, your veterinarian will possess all the needed diagnostic results and treatment recommendations to discuss our findings and treatment options.

Why the team?

You have entrusted your beloved family member’s care to your veterinarian.

I know how stressful learning your pet might have or does have heart disease can be and want to do all I can to provide the highest and uncompromised level of care without stress to you or your pet.

I believe direct communication and education is the best possible approach to improve accuracy and ensure optimal continuity of care.

Bringing specialty medicine to a clinic and team you and your pet know and trust minimizes stress, maximizes information, and improves diagnostic interpretation and treatment planning.

You do not have to give up your favorite doctor, technician, or assistant to still have access to the highest level of cardiac diagnostics and care available.

I function as an additional member of the team you have bonded with, know, and trust.

Your family veterinarian will remain your primary point of contact and have support every step of the way from me. If there are questions he or she are not confident answering, I can provide recommendations and education to ensure optimal management is maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a concierge service, meaning – we come to the comfort of your trusted veterinary office!

Contact your trusted veterinary office. They will coordinate their team and ours to bring us in and get answers!

You are welcome to be present for the evaluation, but advanced scheduling is required to make this happen.

This means you will have a known appointment time and Dr. Nishimura will personally walk you through the exam, findings, and treatment plan.

Your trusted veterinary office can provide an appropriate estimate based on the necessary diagnostics and appointment type.

Please contact your trusted veterinary office for more details and their expected diagnostic plan.

Additional diagnostics, such as radiographs or laboratory studies, may be recommended prior to or following the cardiac assessment and this can also lead cost to vary.